Three patterns Switch convenientlyOne machine with three patterns of button attaching, Only to turn handle to change easily.

Integrated & power savingIntegrated control box , Saving energy 71%.

Intelligent configuration Low labor High efficiencyAuto-presser foot lift and auto-trimming controlled by magnet, more stable performance, liberate labor and

Easily use
Switch convenientlyOperation panel button can easily choose the amount of stitch, lift pressure, and set various parameters.

LED light protects the eyes of every operator Ensuring to precisely threading, and not stimulate eyes.

Eccentric gear optimized
More stable operationLow Vibration and greatly improve the life and quality of the machine.

ModeNeedleNeedle NumberThread NumberButton Diameter(mm)Button Hole Size(mm)Automatic TrimmerHeight of Presser Foot(mm)Sewing Speed(S.p.m)Volume(mm)Weight(kg)
JK-T1377ETQ×1 #16( #14~#18)      TQ×7 #16( #14~#18)1110~28mmX(2.5~6.5)Y(2.5~6.5)91500550*3900*360  30/40