A brand new integrated design
The new breakthrough in quality

LED light protect operator's eyesConvenient to observe and alleviate visual fatigue

Simple operation
Free settingEasily setting the stitches of starting sewing with slow speed, dynamic observation and adjust the machine running speed.

Optimized hand wheel design
Fast heat transfer, Dust proofEasily rotating the spindle, also cooling the control box, closed electric control circuit components design, no

ModeNeddleNeddle NumberButton Holing Size(mm)Side Cutting FunctionSpecial Stitch GuageThread NumberPowerHeight of Presser Foot(mm)Sewing Speed(S.p.m)Volume(mm)Weight(kg)
JK-T781EDP×5 12#122×41/4"~3/4"0.2~2.52220V123600685*365*685  46/66
JK-T782EDP×5 12#133×51/4"~1"0.2~2.52220V123600685*365*68546/66
JK-T783EDP×5 12#140×51/4"~1 1/4"0.2~2.52220V123600685*365*68546/66
JK-T781EKDP×5 12#122×41/4"~3/4"0.2~2.52220V123600685*365*68546/66