New integrative desin
New quality breakthrough The main shaft is driven by energy-saving motor with the advantage of low vibration, low noise, high productivity and excellent stitching quality, which is applicable to all kinds of woven and knitting material button hole such as shirt, working dress, T-shirt and so on.

Easy operation
Free settingWe can freely set the stitch numbers of soft start, observe and adjust the motor speed, which is easy to operate.

LED lightEasy for observation and ease visual fatigue

Optimized hand wheel design
Fast heat transfer
Dust proof Easily turn the hand-wheel and cool the control box. Close design of circuit component can prevent dust such as thread coming into the control box and make sure the motor work properly.

Optimized lubrication system
Clean without contamnationWith high-pressure oil pump lubrication, it makes sure all the spare parts are fully lubricated under long time and high speed running condition. Mandatory oil ret

ModeNeedleNeedle NumberButton Holing Size(mm)Side Cutting FunctionSpecial Stitch GaugeThread NumberHeight of Presser Foot(mm)Sewing Speed(S.p.m)Volume(mm)Weight(kg)
JK-T781DDP×5 12#122×41/4"~3/4"0.2~2.52123600695*340*725  41/61
JK-T782DDP×5 12#133×51/4"~1"0.2~2.52123600695*340*72541/61
JK-T783DDP×5 12#140×51/4"~1 1/4"0.2~2.52123600695*340*72541/61
JK-T781DKDP×5 12#122×41/4"~3/4"0.2~2.52123600695*340*72541/61