Different Patterns, Higher EfficiencyCapable for variety of placket patterns such as neckline placket for both male and female, hidden placket etc., output up to 2500/8 huors.

Smart Touchable Panel, Intuitive OperationLarge size smart touchable panel with icon image for each parameter makes function set up easy and quickly. USB port for pattern storage and program updates.

Movable Machine Head, Comfortable OperationSewing distance can be adjusted freely as per requirement, makes the operation more comfortable

Infrared Positioning, Accurate OperationOperation table and preparation stations were equipped with cross combination switch laser light positioning device, makes work more convenient and efficient.

Automatic Collection DeviceAutomatic collection device for folding clothes makes operation easier, more efficient and secure.

ModeNeedleNeedle NumberThread NumberNeedle Gauge(mm)Pocket Welting Size(mm)Sewing SpeedVolume(mm)Weight(kg)
JK-T5878-58BQDP×1 11#-14# (Standard 11#)12January 1, 195010-28040002100*1000*1350200/300