One Machine, Multi FunctionsJK-T1900BSK/JK-T1903BSK: Bartacking and button attaching can be transferred easily. Increase efficiency and saving cost.

Electronic thread tension device
Beautiful stitchElectronic thread tension device is effective to avoid thread breakage, drop thread when start sewing, problem of tightness of thread and so on, which makes sure of beautiful stitch.

Multi patterns
Easy to upgradeMaximum for 200 patterns. with USB key, easy to add patterns and upgrade.

New take up Better for heavy fabric Better for heavy fabric.

New Design Gover, More Widely ApplicationShuttle hook cover is mid-concaved design, small size fabric also easy to feed.

Small Pattern Sewing JK-T1906BS: Suitable for tacking and decorative sewing of non-woven bags, shopping bags, velcro, shoes, luggage etc..

Elastic AttachingSuitable for various kinds of elastic attaching.

Super Heavy Duty can be Sewing SmoothlyThe function of sewing heavy duty is improved a lot. 14 layers of jeans fabric can be sewing smoothly.

ModeNeedleNeedle NumberThread NumberLenght of Bar Tacking(mm)Width of Bar Tacking(mm)Automatic TrimmerAutomatic Thread WiperHeight of Presser Foot(mm)Sewing Speed(s.p.m)Volume(mm)Weight(kg)
JK-T1900BSKDPx5 16#124030133000805*375*76045/64.5
JK-T1900BHKDPx17 19#124030133000805*375*76045/64.5
JK-T1900BMKDPx5 11#124030133000805*375*76045/64.5
JK-T1900BSDPx5 16#124030133000805*375*76045/64.5
JK-T1900BHDPx17 19#124030133000805*375*76045/64.5
JK-T1900BMDPx5 11#124030133000805*375*76045/64.5
JK-T1900BLXDPx5 16#124030133000805*375*76045/64.5
JK-T1904BDPx17 14#126040132700805*375*76045/64.5
JK-T1906BDPx17 14#126040132700805*375*76045/64.5