Many patterns
Easily upgrade for softwareIt can save maximum 200 types of patterns. Equipped with USB connection, convenient for adding patterns and software ungrading

Big sewing platform
Easy operationSuperior work platform, Convenient to put fabric and make counterpoint.

Intelligent system
High speed high efficiencyAutomatic trimmer, automatic presser foot lifter functions. Maximum speed can reach 4200 RPM, which improves the work efficiency a lot.

Electronic thread tension device
Beautiful stitch Electronic thread tension device is effective to avoid thread breakage, drop thread when start sewing, problem of tightness of thread and so on, which makes sure of beautiful stitch.

Cooling system
Low temperature and durableThe cooling fan greatly lowers the temperature of motor, lengthens the lifetime of machine.

Bottom sewing technology
Easy sizing
Especially use for elastic fabric, Bottom sewing and pattern sewing can be combined to use.

Multi-cut no need to change the knifeUsing multi-cut to open button hole if the button hole size is big and without change the knife.

ModeNeedleNeedle NumberButton Holing Size(mm)Side Cutting FunctionSpecial Stitch GuageThread NumberHeight of Presser Foot(mm)Sewing Speed(S.p.m)PowerVolume(mm)Weight(kg)
JK-T1790BS-1DP×5 12#125×41/4"~3/4"0.2~2.52174200220V780*390*830 56/77
JK-T1790BS-2DP×5 12#133×51/4"~1"0.2~2.52174200220V780*390*83056/77
JK-T1790BS-3DP×5 12#141×51/4"~1 1/4"0.2~2.52174200220V780*390*83056/77
JK-T1791BSDP×5 12#170×51/4"~1 1/4"0.2~2.52174200220V780*390*83056/77
JK-T1792BSDP×5 12#1120×51/4"~1 1/4"0.2~2.52174200220V780*390*83056/77
JK-T1790BK-1DP×5KN 11125×41/4"~3/4"0.2~2.52174200220V780*390*83056/77
JK-T1790BK-2DP×5KN 11135×51/4"~1"0.2~2.52174200220V780*390*83056/77
JK-T1790BK-3DP×5KN 11141×51/4"~1 1/4"0.2~2.52174200220V780*390*83056/77
JK-T1791BKDP×5KN 11170×51/4"~1 1/4"0.2~2.52174200220V780*390*83056/77
JK-T1792BKDP×5KN 111120×51/4"~1 1/4"0.2~2.52174200220V780*390*83056/77