71 % Power Saving71% power saving.Use servo motor, compare with normal overlock,much safety and less maintenance,every year it saves 446KW/H.If per KW/H cost 1 RMB,totally it saves 459 RMB per year.

Optimized thread take-up mechanismsOptimization for the system of thread take-up mechanisms to adjust the thread picking at different time.make sewing stitch more perfect. Only adjust tension devices is enough.

Fully enclosed needle bar oil return deviceFully enclosed needle bar oil return device, blocking oil pollution,Clean and durable. Improve customer satisfaction.

Integrated handwheel design The hand wheel is designed with fingerprint and big fan,low noise,which makes the motor cooling effect better and the machine easy to operate.

Easy operation,quick responseCommon parameter introduction is on the panel.Even new operator can quick start. Operate easily and response quickly.

ModeNeedleNeedle no.Thread no.Needle distance (mm)Stitch width (mm)Stitch length (mm)Differential ratioPress foot lifter height (mm)Max speed(S.p.m)
E3-3-M1-1511# 113/