Automatic Trimming,High EfficiencyEfficiency improves 20%-25% with automatic trimming structure

Automatic Presser Foot Lifter,Knee FreeKnee free,happy sewing

One Key To Reset,Easy OperationMore humanized one key to reset function.Customer's parameters or factory parameters are available.

Integrated Shaft Design,Stable And Quick Lower the operating force stable and durable

Oil Free,Clean And DurableFull covered needle bar prevents oil leakage clean and durable

Smart Recognition,Easy OperationUnique recognition and wearproof sensor can automatic change along with lightness and fabric without adjusting parameters

ModeFunctionsNeedle Needle No.Threas No.Needle Distance (mm)Stitch Width (mm)Stitch Length(mm)Differential RatioPresser Foot Lifting Height(mm)Max Speed (s.p.m) Volume (mm)Weight (kg)
C3-3-02/233Plain SeamingDC×27 11#23-43.80.7-255800525×360×51030/38
C3-4-M03/333Plain SeamingDC×27 11#24244.60.7-25.55800525×360×51030/38
C3-4-M03/333/H/MHeavy DutyDC×27 11#24244.60.7-265800525×360×51030/38
C3-5-03/2335×5StitchDC×27 14#25553.80.7-255800525×360×51030/38
C3-5-03/3333×4StitchDC×27 14#25343.80.7-255800525×360×51030/38
C3-5-A04/435Extra Heavy DutyDC×27 14#255650.8-1.575800525×360×51030/38