Direct Drive, High Efficiency750W direct saver motor, compared with the clutch motor, more accurate to control mechanical structure. Also it is power saving and high efficiency machine.

Cantilever Cylindrical StructureCylindrical design makes out more beautiful stitch and reduces the wrinkled of fabric. Widely used in Shirt, uniform, jeans, from light duty to heavy duty product.

Lubricated Rear Puller Device DesignRealization of the rear puller lubricated makes the rear puller lubricate continuously, which extends the life of rear puller a lot.

Automatic Needle Position FunctionThe needle position is always in upside. Convenient to sewing, needle exchanging and thread making.

Removable Needle Guard, Beautiful StitchRemovable need guard, to prevent the skipping stitch, to make the high quality with high efficiency.

Different Kinds Of Puller DevisePL puller device is built-in direct drive puller whose structure is very simple; PS puller is outside which makes the cloth feeding size wider and adjustment convenient.

ModeNeedleNeedle NumberThread NumberStitch LengthHeight of Presser Foot(mm)Thin MaterialMudium-heavy materialHeavy MaterialSewing Speed (S.p.m)Volume(mm)Weight(kg)
JK-T9270-12(1/4)TV×64 12#243.584000580*535*475 40/55
JK-T9270-12(3/16)TV×64 12#243.584000580*535*475 40/55
T9270-12-2PL(1/4)TV×64 12#243.584000580*535*475 40/55
JK-T9270-12-2PL(3/16)TV×64 12#243.584000580*535*475 40/55
JK-T9270-12-2PL(3/16)TV×64 12#244.284000580*535*475 40/55
JK-T9270-12-2PS(1/4)TV×64 12#243.584000580*535*475 40/55
JK-T9270-12-2PS(3/16)TV×64 12#243.584000580*535*475 40/55
JK-T9270-13(1/8)TV×64 12#363.584000580*535*475 40/55
JK-T9270-13-2PL(1/8)TV×64 12#363.584000580*535*475 40/55
JK-T9270-22(1/4)TV×64 14#243.584000580*535*475 40/55
JK-T9270-22(3/16)TV×64 14#243.584000580*535*475 40/55
JK-T9280-53(1/8)TV×5 21#364.2103600580*535*475 40/59
JK-T9280-73-2PL(1/8)TV×5 21#364.2103600580*535*475 40/59
JK-T9280-73-PL(1/8)TV×5 21#364.2103600580*535*475 40/59
JK-T9280-73-PS(1/8)TV×5 21#364.2103600580*535*475 40/59